Publications 2023

Stefan Bosse, Virtualization of low-resource Embedded Systems with a robust real-time capable and extensible Stack Virtual Machine REXAVM supporting Material-integrated Intelligent Systems and Tiny Machine Learning, under review MDPi Computers, pre-print arXiv
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Stefan Bosse, Rule-based High-level Hardware-RTL Synthesis of Algorithms, Virtualizing Machines, and Communication Protocols with FPGAs based on Concurrent Communicating Sequential Processes and the ConPro Synthesis Framework, arXiv:2302.02959, 2023
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Stefan Bosse, Peter Krämer, Ereignisbasierte Verteilte Zustandsüberwachung und Schadenserkennung in großskaligen und komplexen Konstruktionen mit hybrider Multisensorfusion, Schall Conference, 21-22.3.2023, wetzlar, 2023
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