Haskell Laboratory

The Haskell Laboratory is a WEB browser IDE and haskell interpreter using a Haskell → JavaScript compiler (JSHC). It is used mainly for educational purposes.

The Haskell laboratory consists of the following components:

  1. A Haskell REPL shell interpreter
  2. A Haskell editor with syntax highlighting
  3. A WEB clipboard using an external WEB clipboard server providing sharing of program code directly from the editor window
  4. A Haskell → JavaScript compiler (JSHC)
  5. Integrated help system



HS Laboratory
Haskell compiler and interpreter shell embedded in an IDE that can be used with any WEB Browser, version 1.1.8 (JSHC 1.3.3)
WEB Clipboard
WEB clipboard server (JS/Python)
node webclip.js
python webclip.py
JS Python