A Unified System Modelling and Programming Language

Based on JavaScript and a Semantic Type System

PD Dr. Stefan Bosse
University of Koblenz-Landau, Institute of Software Technology


Introduction and Overview

Central Question. How to model, design, simulate, and implement (program) complex Cyber-Physical Systems with one unified approach and language?

Design of Complex Systems

  • The design and modelling of complex and heterogeneous distributed sensing and physical control systems is a challenge!

  • Examples for such systems are

    • Distributed Structural Health Monitoring (SHM), and
    • Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) in the context of industrial production and manufacturing environments.
  • Modelling is performed on different abstraction and functional levels:
    • System-of-system;
    • System;
    • Embedded system;
    • Operating system;
    • Networking & Communication;
    • Distributed Computing (e.g. using agent-based systems);
    • Sensor and electronics;
    • Hardware;
    • Software using different modelling and programming languages.

Modelling and Programming


Fig. 1. Difference between Modelling and Programming Languages

Design and Simulation


Fig. 2. Overview of the design flow of Cyber-Physical-Systems [1]

Design Domains